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LED grow lights and lamps

false floor LED grow light / luce crescita piante LED per controsoffitto / lumière pour plantes à LED faux plafonds

The new product for plant growth in offices and commercial spaces: a 70W false ceiling lamp in a 600mm x 600mm module.
Typical applications: indoor gardens.

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shelf - furniture LED grow light / luce crescita piante LED sotto-mensola e mobili / lumière pour plantes à LED meubles

The third generation (Since 2001) of our plant growth system for furniture and shelves.
Typical applications: indoor and kitchen greenhouses.

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industrial LED grow light (horticoltural, industrial hemp, medical cannabis, red pepper, hot pepper, saffron, spirulina race ponds / luce crescita piante industriale a LED (colture orto, canapa industriale, cannabis terapeutica, peperoncino, zafferano, spirulina) / lumière industielles pour plantes à LED (cultures horticoles, chanvre industriel, cannabis thérapeutique, piment, safran, spiruline

A family of four horticultural LED grow-lights for growth factories, 80-240W. Typical applications: hemp (please check if legal and which species are legal in your country), chili pepper, hot pepper, saffron, edible seaweed, edible algae (e.g. spirulina raceway ponds).
And also vertical gardens, greenhouses, indoor pinkhouses.

PDFBrochure: EN, IT, FR

Industrial and smart cameras

USB3 camera

A compact 1.3Mpx USB3 camera, 24mm x 26mm. Working under Windows, Linux, OS X, it only needs that libusb is supported on your system. Already used in knitting machines for fabric and needle fault detection.

Ethernet smart camera

A compact 1.3Mpx 10/100 ethernet camera, capable to execute fault detection algorithms at frequencies exceeding 1kHz. Typical usage: knitting machines, holes and tears detection.

LiPo, LiFePO4 BMS/Pb-batteries datalogger for
AGVs and electric vehicles

8 cells BMS

Since 2009 we have been manufacturing BMS for Li-polymer batteries, used in off road bikes and other light vehicles.

In 2012 we patented a new differential amplifier topology which is used in all our BMS and that insures readouts with an accuracy better than 1mV.

Pb_battery datalogger

Pb-battery datalogger, SOC estimation and vehicle performance adjustment for battery protection. Self-awakening, 8MiB of non volatile memory capable to log two weeks of usage (at 1 minute period> and last 2500 carge-discharge cycles.

Motion control

AC0237 - 1 channel stepper motor driver A stepper motor driver with opto-insulated USB2 interface.
AC0215 - 2/4 channels stepper motor driver Two or four channel stepper motor driver, up to 30V 2A. USB communication, CUI SPI encoder readout.
DC motor driver 60V 20A CAN bus Four quadrant (4Q) DC motor driver up to 60V 20A. Full digital regulation loops with a 32 bit micrcocontroller. CAN bus.

USB3 industrial hubs

USB3 hub with low ripple on 5V

We manufacture USB3 hubs with a full digital power supply and post regulation in order to achieve the lowest possible ripple to the load. These hubs were extensively tested in an EMC facility, resulting in better performance when compared to other industrial hubs.