Italian custom keyboard with partial Linux keymap for Windows. Useful for small laptops with no numeric keypad. It avoids Alt + ASCII/UNICODE stunts
SHA256: e48fab7e44de0b7f82aec602d6226a4f8905543a2661780e1ae067db1a9da4d7
Install instructions: download the zip file, check the SHA256 hash.
Under Windows PowerShell, this can be accompliched running certutil.exe -hashfile .\ SHA256
Under WSL or any *nix, use sha256sum
If it corresponds to the above one, unzip it.
Then execute the setup.exe file you found in.

Custom Italian keymap for Windows by Andrea Cantone (Acies Srl) is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International

Character Unicode Modifier Key
tilde - ~ 0x007E AltGr ì
superscript one - ¹ 0x00B9 AltGr 1
superscript two - ² 0x00B2 AltGr 2
superscript three - ³ 0x00B3 AltGr 3
vulgar fraction one quarter - ¼ 0x00BC AltGr 4
vulgar fraction one half - ½ 0x00BD AltGr 5
left curly bracket - { 0x007B AltGr 7
left square bracket - [ 0x005B AltGr 8
right square bracket - ] 0x005D AltGr 9
right curly bracket - } 0x007D AltGr 0
euro sign - € 0x20AC AltGr e
latin small (lowercase) letter ae - æ 0x00E6 AltGr a
latin small (lowercase) letter sharp s (german) - ß 0x00DF AltGr b
micro sign mu - µ 0x00B5 AltGr m
Italian custom keyboard keymap